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Surron Light bee x V Ultra bee


Are you torn between the Surron LBX and the Ultra Bee? Well, let me break it down for you.

If you prefer a lightweight trail bike, the Surron LBX could be your go-to choice. Weighing in at 47kg, it offers excellent maneuverability and is easy to transport. Plus, it’s ideal for motor homes and camper vans due to its compact size. With speeds of up to 45mph, it’s perfect for those who enjoy off-road adventures.

On the other hand, if you want a more powerful machine catering to dirt riders, the Surron Ultra Bee might be the one for you. With a weight of 88kg, it’s heavier but packs a punch. With a top speed of 55mph, it’s suitable for motocross tracks or serious trails. The Ultra Bee also boasts double the peak power of the LBX, thanks to its 12.5KW capacity.

Battery-wise, the Ultra Bee relies on a 74v 55Ah battery, while the LBX uses a 60v 40AH battery. Both have a charging time of approximately 4 hours. Surron claims a range of 85 miles for the Ultra Bee and 60 miles for the LBX.

When it comes to suspension and brakes, the Ultra Bee takes the lead. It features fully adjustable forks and shocks with 9.4 inches of travel, providing a comfortable ride. Moreover, it boasts full-size dirt bike brakes and a lightweight breaking system, offering superior performance compared to the LBX.

In terms of rider preferences, the Ultra Bee caters to taller riders with a seat height of 35.8 inches. It also includes a full-size seat, fenders, hand guards, and a robust skid plate. Additionally, it offers traction control and regenerative settings, allowing riders to customize their experience on the go.

As for pricing, the Ultra Bee ranges from £6,299 for the Off-Road version to £6,699 for Road Legal. The Light Bee, on the other hand, starts at £4,695 for the Off-Road model and £4,995 for Road Legal.

Both models are available for test rides and currently in stock. So, take your pick and get ready for an exhilarating ride!

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