Electric Scooter Spare Parts for Sale in UK

Electric scooters have two wheels, a platform called a deck, and handlebars for steering. Majority of electric scooters are intended to be ridden while standing on the deck, some  electric scooters can be converted into seated electric scooters with optional spare parts. 

Electric Scooter Spare Parts:
Electric scooters are the most common type of single person transport available on the market. Electric scooters spare parts for sale in UK are different that we at scooter guys provide, but the major ones are: batteries, brakes, controller, deck, handlebars, lights, motor, stem, suspension, and tyres.

Electric scooter battery packs are made up of many individual cells that are assembled together. Battery capacity is one of the important factors that determine electric scooter range. A typical spare budget battery for electric scooter available at scooter guys service shop will have a capacity of around 250 watt-hours.

Most electric scooters will have a battery pack comprised of lithium-ion battery cells, though some electric scooters for kids and other inexpensive scooters actually have lead-acid batteries. But worry not we provide every type of spare battery that you can think of.

A quality braking system, such as the disc brake picture above, is essential for staying safe and in control while riding an electric scooter. We at scooter guys have a typical spare mechanical braking systems will offer much stronger braking than electronic systems which our mechanics can install. 

Many scooters will have a combination of both electronic and mechanical braking systems. For safety reasons, we recommend scooters that have at least two braking systems in case one fails. Both mechanical and electronic brakes are available for electric scooter spare parts for sale in UK.

Electric scooters have hub motors built into one or both wheels. The powerhouse Wide Wheel pictured above has dual 500-watt motors. We at scooter guys have spare parts for brushless direct current (BLDC) electric motors that are built for the hub of the wheel.

The motors available at scooter guys shop are electric motors which are rated based on their power consumption which is express in units of watts.  More powerful motors will have greater wattage.

The deck is the platform you stand on while riding. Many are rubberized to provide better traction. And if not, we at scooter guys provide with spare deck which have been infused with rubber. The battery pack is also built into the deck of the electric scooter.

The typical electric scooter deck size available at scooter guys online web store is 14″ by 5″ inches and gives a few inches of ground clearance.

The stem is the folding metal tube that connects that handlebars to the front wheels. On some electric scooters the folding mechanism is a source of frustration due to instability. The stem or neck of the electric scooter is the long tube that is connected to the front wheel and extends up to the handlebars.

Nearly every scooter has a folding mechanism built into the stem to allow easy carrying and storage. In our e-scooter reviews, we often spend a lot of time focusing on this unsuspecting part. The folding mechanism can be difficult work or worse it can be loose or unstable.  When you apply force to the handlebars, you’ll notice the whole stem rocking back and forth, a condition we call stem wobble. This is one of the huge downsides to folding electric scooters. But even that can be fixed when our scooter guys mechanics ensure that the stem is completely secured to the deck.

Tyres give you the traction to accelerate or brake in an emergency. Tyres are an electric scooter spare part London, Bradford has in abundance at our scooter guys service shop.
Tyres are your connection to the road and influence ride quality, traction, range, and braking performance of your electric scooter. 
We at scooter guys always recommend pneumatic tyres because they give better ride quality, with or without suspension, and their supple rubber performs much better in adverse road conditions.
So contact us today at scooter guys website to make sure that you receive the highest quality of electric scooter spare parts London, Bradford has to offer. Don’t miss this golden chance to enhance the performance of your electric scooter.