Best Electric Scooter Accessories in UK

Getting around is far more fun when you’re riding an electric scooter as it is an enjoyable and environment-friendly way to commute. In modern era, it is becoming a challenge to ride safely and comfortably in the hustle and bustle of urban jungles. However, technology is booming due to which various alternative modes of traveling are becoming more and more economical and efficient than traditional public transport.
Electric scooter UK are the best possible solution for urban mobility due to its small size and maximum speed. Electric scooter is a tech gimmick which is gaining popularity day by day due to its really appreciable features. They are nippy and fun to ride. Electric scooters are pioneers of micro-mobility.
Main aim of this two-wheeled electrically driven scooter is to solve transportation issues and also be a source of enjoyment for its riders.
Below we list some of the best electric scooter products which are easily available on our online store Visit it anytime to get variety of products related to electric scooters. Down here, we will give description of some of our products.

1. Max 1 Pro:
Most powerful Electric scooter with minimal yet modern aesthetics, this scooter has been designed for power and performance. It is light, portable, folds in less than 3 seconds, with a high-grade brushless motor in the front wheel hub and a high capacity lithium-ion battery. It has a range of 35km per hour. It is ideal for relatively short distances in urban areas or just for taking around beautiful cities for sightseeing.

electric scooter shop near me
electric scooter shop near me

2. Scooter Hard Case:
It might be a problem to carry your stuff while riding a scooter. Your worry is over as Scooter Guys are providing a hard case bag which is perfect for carrying phones or extra battery packs. It is made up of durable waterproof material and has good impact resistance.
Rider can feel free to ride as all his stuff is kept safely

3. Rubber Phone Holder:
Even if you don’t plan on looking at your phone while riding but still its a good idea to have your phone in front of you. The holders are mounted on the scooter handlebar and keep your phone in place. Scooter Guys durable rubber phone holder, made from best quality rubber is ideal for day to day use in all type of weathers.

4. Battery Pack for M365 Scooter:
Assembled with Grade A cells selected for their high level of quality, reliability and durability.
It takes only four hours to recharge your battery. This battery pack is famous for its fast recharging capability. Scooter guys provides you with various types of batteries such as

1. E-scooter 7.8 AH Battery Pack

2. Genuine MAK 1 Pro 7.8 AH Battery Pack.

5. Electric Scooter Goggles:
Many people think that wearing helmet is enough but it wont protect your eyes. Bright sunlight affects your vision and therefore safety of your ride. It can also be harder to see in wind or due to bugs and rain. While choosing glasses, lens is the first thing to consider. Scooter guys provides you glasses with best lens which work best in sunny or rainy days.

6. Face Mask or Neck Warmer:
In this pandemic, it is very necessary to wear face mask. It saves you from dust and in winter and helps you to keep your face and neck warm. Scooter guys provide you with a neck warmer made of soft cloth in which you can breathe comfortably. It also helps rider to save his skin from sun tan. In the present time, it is very essential to wear a face mask and neck warmer.
Riding an electric scooter makes it much easier and safer option to slide past the traffic and narrow lines. Scooter guys provides people with Best Electric Scooter Accessories. Depending on your choice and needs, you must choose an electric scooter. If you want to ride a scooter in muddy fields or adventurous terrain then you must go for Inokim OX.

Before buying an electric scooter keep certain things in mind such as:

i. The durability and frame construction of scooter.

ii. Scooter to be designed with intelligence and should be made for fast charging.

iii. The weight range and cost of maintenance.

iv. Check for the wheels and suspension.

v. The range and speed of an electric scooter.

By keeping all these things in minds, we hope that you will be able to buy an amazing electric scooter which will make your each ride jubilant.