Essential Escooter and E-bike Accessories from Scooter Guys

Essential Escooter and E-bike Accessories from Scooter Guys

Electric scooters are becoming increasingly popular in the UK, and an essential mode of transport for commuting, with their rise in popularity comes a demand for accessories to enhance the riding experience. There are a variety of accessories available on the market, but some stand out as the best.


a helmet is an essential accessory for any electric scooter rider. Safety should always be a top priority, and wearing a helmet can prevent serious head injuries in case of an accident. All scooter guys helmets are check with the following regulations

  • British Standard BS 6658:1985 and carry the BSI Kitemark
  • UNECE Regulation 22.05
  • A European Economic Area member standard offering at least the same safety and protection as BS 6658:1985, and carry a mark equivalent to the BSI Kitemark


, a phone mount is another useful accessory. Scooter guys has a range of phone mounts, which have been tested in the roughest terrain and wet weather, the phone mounts are ideal for GPS navigation and music streaming apps readily available on smartphones, having your phone mounted on your escooter’s handlebars makes it easier to access these features while riding.


lights and reflectors are important accessories for night-time riding. They increase visibility and make it easier for other road users to see you, scooter guys have in stock latest powerful CRE LED chip headlights, with they powerful beam, lights up darkest of trail.


storage options such as baskets or bags can be useful for carrying items such as spare battery pack or phones while riding.

Overall, these accessories can greatly improve the safety and convenience of electric scooter riding in the UK

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Design and Testing of Composite Materials for the EV Industry

Design and Testing of Composite Materials for the EV Industry

The popularity of electric vehicles has increased in recent years. The design and testing of electric scooters (e-scooters) and e-bikes have been revolutionized by the use of lightweight, high-strength, and durable composite materials. These materials are created by combining two or more different materials to form a new material with improved properties. Compared to traditional materials such as steel and aluminium, composite materials offer several advantages, including lower weight and greater strength.

Designing with Composite Materials

During the design phase, the appropriate composite material must be carefully selected by engineers for each component of the vehicle. For instance, carbon fiber composites may be used for the frame to reduce weight while maintaining strength. Kevlar composites may be used for impact-resistant components such as fenders. A comprehensive scientific article on future composite materials such as plastics, carbon fibre, and composite metals in the manufacturing of e-scooters and e-bikes would cover the history of these materials, their current use in the industry, the trend of future development and applications, and new materials and manufacturing technologies enabling advancements.

Testing Composite Materials

It is crucial to ensure that these composite materials meet safety standards and perform as expected under various conditions through testing. This includes testing for strength, stiffness, fatigue resistance, impact resistance, and environmental factors such as temperature and humidity. Non-destructive testing (NDT) techniques such as ultrasonic testing, radiography, magnetic particle inspection, and dye penetrant inspection are used to determine tolerances and safety of finished components. These techniques are used to detect defects such as cracks, voids, and inclusions in the finished components.

The Future of Composite Materials

The use of composite materials in e-scooter and e-bike design has revolutionized the industry by allowing for lighter weight vehicles with increased durability. Proper design and testing of these materials are essential to ensure safe and reliable transportation options for consumers.

The future of composite materials in the manufacturing of e-scooters and e-bikes looks promising. Advancements in the development and application of carbon fibre composites are being enabled by new materials and manufacturing technologies. The potential revolution for the composite industry is also being explored through 3D printing of carbon fibre composites.

Scooter Guys is a company that supplies OEM components to maintain and keep roadworthy this mode of transport. By using high-quality OEM components, e-scooter operators can ensure that their vehicles remain in good condition for longer, reducing their environmental impact.

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